Do you feel like you might need to yeet some of your boomer visuals, lest you be seen as sus? Do you seem like Steve Buscemi holding a skateboard when trying to target The Youths? Do you not know what these statements mean or that they are based on sarcasm and memes? Oh dear. How in the world can an experienced marketer learn how to effectively create content that will attract young consumers?

Prioritize Video

Let your visuals speak for themselves. Considering 97% of seniors in high school are subscribed to things on Youtube, videos are well worth the effort. Finding ways to connect with young consumers in videos via their interests, and especially beliefs, will go a long way in interesting them. The younger generation also is more likely to watch a two-minute video than read a two-minute article. Make your videos fast paced and filled with the right kind of humor, and then get a focus group with young eyes to tell you what they found interesting and what had them glancing at their phones. 


Be More Conversational

Young consumers don’t like to be talked down tothey’re more likely to trust you the more you talk like them and the less sales-pitchy you sound. Also, you should use emojis in messages to keep it personal and informal. However, be aware that emojis’ meanings can change from platform to platform and over time. If you, for example, are marketing in Georgia and use a peach emoji, you need to know that this is also widely used for a completely different meaning!


Know the Lingo

Look, if you hear young people talking around you and don’t understand half of what they’re saying, it’s going to be even more difficult to connect with them online. Just wait until you do a deep dive into internet speak! Especially when it comes to meme culture, there’s an entirely different language starting. In order to really know what you’re doing, you need a native speaker to explain things, or at the least a lot of studying in the urban dictionary. Only they know the difference between things like replying OK, KK, and K.


If you’re creating content for young consumers, your best bet is to be around them and ask them how and what works best. Learn to use the visual language of memes, be more visual and act conversationally as a start. You can do this, with help!

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