MGR WebBookIf you’re a content creator, maybe a frequent blog author, website content writer or a copywriter, sooner or later, you’ll realize that you would like to compile all of your written content into a single digital document that will be easy to access and distribute. The common option is to create one large PDF document and keep adding all of your articles to it. However, after your document grows in size, you’ll realize that the PDF file will balloon into an unmanageable size making it very inconvenient to post it on your website or sending it to your customers via email.

Now you can easily have your own eBook published in a very user friendly WebBook format. The new MGR WebBook is not just a great option for self-publishers but it has also become a very attractive solution for a variety of uses, such as:

• Product Catalogs
• Magazines
• Company Sales Kits
• Company Brochures
• Business Proposals
• Instruction Manuals
• Catering & Restaurant Menus
• Photo Albums
• Investors Reports, and much more!

MGR WebBooks come with a lot of value added benefits!

• They are easy to use and update
• They use a Responsive Design that is compatible with all desktops, tablets, and smartphones
• You can link to your WebBook from your Website or other marketing materials
• You will save on printing and shipping costs
• They are the perfect “Green Initiative” for your company
• You can create a home screen shortcut on your phone and convert it to a Web App in seconds!
• You get free hosting
• Your only expenses are the initial production cost and a low annual license fee

Digital WebBooks are in effect your own eBook. Just like you flip through your favorite books or magazines pages on your iPad or Kindle reader, your readers can now do exactly the same thing when they use your digital WebBook. You can also have embedded videos, hyperlinks, print/download options, email contact forms and a number of customized options to help you stay engaged with your audience.

But perhaps one of the key features of a digital WebBook is that your readers and customers will always have it within reach. It’s the easiest way to make your information available to your customers with just one click. If they have their mobile device or their tablet with them, your WebBook is all within one click and they will be able to access it anywhere and anytime.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our MGR WebBook can boost your marketing, simply contact me or visit Once we learn about your particular needs, we will handle the rest.

Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)