Here are five easy-to-create and affordable online marketing tools that will help you promote your brand and acquire additional loyal customers without relying on third-party controlled marketing channels such as SEO or Social Media. You can also watch the video at the bottom of this article.

Responsive Microsites

MGR Responsive Microsites

Microsites are regular websites that target a particular aspect or niche of your business.  They are not as brief as a particular product Landing Page, but they are also not as heavy on content as your full company website.  For example, if you are Hotelier, you will benefit from creating a microsite for your Meetings, Spa, Weddings or Dining options.  That way, you will connect with your guests interested in those areas, without distracting them with all the clutter from your main hotel website.  The result: your closing ratio and booking rates increase.  Our typical microsite package includes:

  • Up to 8 pages of content (expandable by client to unlimited pages via CMS)
  • Unlimited options for plug ins and widgets to fit each property’s needs
  • 1 Photo Gallery (up to 20 images)
  • Responsive Design (tablet-mobile-desktop-multi-browser compatibility).  No need for a separate mobile site.
  • Easy Maintenance via WP CMS Back end (Client Log In).
  • Customized Theme branding and colors for each individual hotel.
  • Initial SEO Setup with unique page Titles, Descriptions, keywords, and permalink structure.
  • Server & Hosting Setup.

Click Here to View a Sample Weddings Responsive Microsite from the Westin Grand Cayman Resort.

Mobile Web Apps

MGR Mobile Web AppsWhat are the advantages of a Web app over a native app? Overall, Web apps are less costly to develop than a native app.  The development process from initial design to completion is simpler and therefore, they require fewer overall development hours to create.  In addition to that, since you’re not relying on Apple iTunes or Google Play for distribution, companies creating Web apps can maintain direct control over the application’s distribution.  Once the initial Web app has been developed, updates and maintenance costs are also significantly lower than those of a native app.

For the average user or consumer, the simplicity of use of a Web app is also a potential advantage.  The ability to add a custom icon to the desktop and launch the app right away allows them to have the content they want right at their fingertips.  For all of the above reasons, Web apps will just continue to grow in popularity in 2014.

When HTML5 came around, the popularity of web apps really increased.  A lot of companies and marketers realized that they can create the same native app functionality in a browser environment. It is no surprise that today, differentiating between some native apps and their web apps counterparts has become more difficult for the average user.

Here are other advantages of Mobile Web Apps:

  • Customized Designs to mirror your website
  • Distribute the Mobile Web App to a larger audience
  • Engage your users wherever they go
  • No need to download the app from iTunes or Google Play
  • No need to mess with confusing online templates
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile devices
  • Fast, web-based, no coding required, all done for you!
  • Real Time Google Analytics reporting
  • Ideal for Spas, Restaurants, Weddings, Golf, Small Business, Contests, Hobbies, Special Events, and many more applications!

Go to from your mobile device to view featured sample.

MGR WebBooks

MGR WebBookIf you’re a content creator, maybe a frequent blog author, website content writer or a copywriter, sooner or later, you’ll realize that you would like to compile all of your written content into a single digital document that will be easy to access and distribute. The common option is to create one large PDF document and keep adding all of your articles to it. However, after your document grows in size, you’ll realize that the PDF file will balloon into an unmanageable size making it very inconvenient to post it on your website or sending it to your customers via email.

Now you can easily have your own eBook published in a very user friendly WebBook format. The new MGR WebBook is not just a great option for self-publishers but it has also become a very attractive solution for a variety of uses, such as:

• Product Catalogs
• Magazines
• Company Sales Kits
• Company Brochures
• Business Proposals
• Instruction Manuals
• Catering & Restaurant Menus
• Photo Albums
• Investors Reports, and much more!

MGR WebBooks come with a lot of value added benefits!

• They are easy to use and update
• They use a Responsive Design that is compatible with all desktops, tablets, and smartphones
• You can link to your WebBook from your Website or other marketing materials
• You will save on printing and shipping costs
• They are the perfect “Green Initiative” for your company
• You can create a home screen shortcut on your phone and convert it to a Web App in seconds!
• You get free hosting
• Your only expenses are the initial production cost and a low annual license fee

Digital WebBooks are in effect your own eBook. Just like you flip through your favorite books or magazines pages on your iPad or Kindle reader, your readers can now do exactly the same thing when they use your digital WebBook. You can also have embedded videos, hyperlinks, print/download options, email contact forms and a number of customized options to help you stay engaged with your audience.

But perhaps one of the key features of a digital WebBook is that your readers and customers will always have it within reach. It’s the easiest way to make your information available to your customers with just one click. If they have their mobile device or their tablet with them, your WebBook is all within one click and they will be able to access it anywhere and anytime.

Here are some samples of Digital MGR WebBooks:


Responsive Photo Galleries

MGR Responsive Photo GalleriesPhoto Galleries are one of the most popular marketing tools today.  They come full of features that make them unique for a variety of uses.  With the growth of Responsive Design for Websites, it seems almost naturals that Photo Galleries will follow a similar path.  Responsive Photo Galleries can include a number of features, such as:

  • Interactive multi-function displays
  • Links to photos, messages, videos and websites
  • Ability to adapt to multiple operating systems and devices
  • Great option for Special Events & Promotions

But an image is worth a thousand words.  Why don’t you just see and play with one to discover how cool they are.  Click here to view our Featured Sample.

Interactive Maps

MGR Interactive MapsDo you really want to send to your customers a link to a plain Google or Bing map?  If you prefer to make a better impression and reinforce your brand, you owe it to yourself to review our Interactive Map designs.  All done for you.

  • Custom maps designed to match your own brand
  • Full Interactivity with all listed locations
  • Pop-up windows can include photos, descriptions and links
  • Including Home Screen shortcut icon for easy access

Click Here to View a Starwood Hotels Los Angeles Map >

There you have it!  All five of these Interactive Marketing products allow you to control your message, delivery and brand without being at the mercy of Google’s constant algorithm changes, or Facebook’s ever decreasing organic reach.  The more you are able to control your content, the less prone your marketing will be to fluctuations dictated by other channels.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me directly or our expert team at MGR Consulting Group to help you determine what are the most cost-effective alternatives for your particular brand.

Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)