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Using Facebook as an advertising platform is one of the most powerful moves a business can make today. With Facebook continuously growing its population of 1.28 billion active users, it’s definitely helpful for brands wanting to reach out to a good chunk of their customers and to expand their audience exposure.

Aside from the sheer number of daily users on Facebook, the bigger reason why you may want to take a closer look at Facebook advertising today is the platform’s enhanced targeting capacity. The targeting options for Facebook ads now allow you to really zoom in to the people that matter most to your business, and personalize your message according to the specific interests and preferences of your audience.

Moreover, features such as the Facebook Adverts Manager allow you to have a clearer understanding of the results of your campaigns. You can track various metrics including the cost per click, cost per conversion, the number of people who viewed your ad, how many times it was viewed, and the number of clicks, likes, comments and other actions your audience chose to accomplish for that particular ad.

The question remains, however: How will you make your Facebook campaigns achieve the goals you’re aiming for? Make sure the following elements that make up Facebook advertising best practices are present in your next ad.

A good understanding of your audience.

As with any brand message, the first step to creating an effective Facebook ad is to get to know your audience well. Make sure your content, imagery, tone and approach match their geographic location, preferences and demands as customers.

Direct, concise, impactful copy.

Don’t go around in circles. Tell your audience immediately what’s in it for them. Whip out your call to action at once. Link to your site fast. Place the most important part of your message within the first line, or more accurately, in the first 90 characters of your ad.

Eye-grabbing visuals.

Whether it’s a photograph or a screenshot of your video, make sure your ad is accompanied by an interesting visual. Bright images and portraits of attractive people boost your post’s appeal.

Fresh, updated content.

Invest in a well-rounded ad calendar that lets you release relevant content in a regular and consistent basis. Don’t bombard your audience with the same ad over and over again.

Strategic advantage of Facebook tools.

Facebook offers paid tools that allow you to magnify the impact of your ad. Want to promote your opening or an upcoming event? Use Page Post ads. Want to maximize an ad’s exposure? Use the “Boost Post” feature. Planning to launch promotions? You can use Facebook Offers to offer your discounts and sales.

If you’ve been monitoring your Facebook ad results or if you haven’t tried one but have noticed the competition’s ads in your feed, you know that certain campaigns can be more successful than others. It’s clear that simply putting an ad out there won’t work. Try out a few of the tips mentioned and see how it can bring positive changes to your business.

You are now better equipped to strategize your social media efforts to correspond with your customers’ behaviors. How’s your social media program working for you? If you need assistance, be sure to reach out to our MGR Social Media Team. We’ll get your campaign customized and right on track for your particular business.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)