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In a consumer culture focused on digital content, direct mail marketing can seem a bit old-fashioned. However, in some cases, sending physical mail is still an effective means to reach your customers. As more savvy computer users block online ads and screen phone solicitations, direct mail can be a less disruptive way to get your message out. The changing ways that consumers think about engaging businesses need to shape your direct mail marketing campaign.

Desire for Convenience

The modern consumer expects convenience. This has some important implications for a direct mail campaign. You should focus on consumers who are located closest to your business. A major reason that they might forgo online shopping is that they can work directly with you and they’re able to see products in person. People still appreciate a personal connection. This desire for convenience should also shape the layout of your mailing. People do not want to process a lot of information at once. They want to know the point of your mailing, like a monthly special or new service, upfront. Make contact information obvious on the mailing, and make sure that any content is relevant.

Human Error

Every flyer you send in the mail is a small investment in your business. You want to make certain that your address list is correct, especially if you are marketing to your existing customer base. A common problem in producing an address list is typos in the transfer from an information card to a database. Errors in transmission lead to lost letters and contacts. Since this is such an important part of your marketing plan, you might want to have the data entry done in pairs, so employees can catch mistakes before they happen. Also, limit the time that an employee performs data entry during the day. Careless mistakes happen more frequently when boredom and fatigue set in. Address verification allows businesses to verify addresses against the USPS database, helping to eliminate mistakes that might result in mail being undeliverable.

Link to the Digital World

Even though you are using direct mail, your customers still want to find you in the digital world. Start thinking of your direct mailing as a teaser for an online experience. People will spend more time on your website than on a piece of mail, but that direct mailing can lead them to the website. You can also enhance the experience by including codes that unlock special online sales or prices.


With a bit of planning, a direct mail marketing campaign can be a boost to your business. Consider it as one more channel to expose and grow your brand. Know your market. Connect with your customers. Use the daily mail to grow your brand.

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)