Bitcoin is very volatile, get used to it. Should social media platforms be decentralized? and the NBA is struggling to keep the season going with COVID cases increasing, but the Harden trade dominates the news.

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In just one week, Bitcoin went from $40K down to $30K and then back up to $40K.  That’s a 25% correction followed by a 35% surge…  and yes, that’s Bitcoin for you.  Not an investment to follow on a daily basis, but one that is better to leave alone for 5-10 years and let it grow.  And yes, we still like it…

As more social media platforms ban Trump’s accounts, and even hosting providers like AWS remove Parler from their servers, the debate about the role of social media in our society is growing globally.  Should they be the “Arbiter of Truth” or should they be decentralized following Bitcoin’s model and hosted on the Blockchain?  This is not about taking political sides.  It’s about the right of all opinions and voices to exist.  We talk about the options.

Finally, the NBA is struggling to keep the season going with COVID cases increasing and more games being cancelled or re-scheduled as a result of it.  Some players are not being very disciplined with their behavior off the court, resulting in more positive cases with contact tracing repercussions.  The continuity of the season is at risk.  However, the big news this week is the blockbuster multi-team trade of James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets.  KD, Kyrie and Harden could be an explosive combination.  Which way it explodes, only time will tell!

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