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Join us today for a very animated conversation between Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as we cover a number of topics in the news this week.

  • We start by commenting on Apple’s new products announced on September 10.  Is the new iPhone a hit or a miss?  It depends on whom you ask.
  • In the meantime, California Labor Bill passage is a blow to Uber and Lyft but Uber doesn’t care.  We’ll tell you why.
  • Instagram has a problem with fake accounts and advertisers are paying $1.3B to influencers that may not even be real or that have very little influence.  Who’s accountable for that?
  • TikTok is growing fast but other platforms are also taking notice and now Instagram is planning on mirroring some of TikTok’s most successful features… something Snapchat knows something about…
  • Finally, Slack disappointed investors last quarter.  Competition is growing and Microsoft is launching their own “Microsoft Teams” to lure away some of Slack’s users.

Show Notes:

All that and more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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Apple's Announcement - MGR Unplugged Podcast