Wings for Warriors founder Anthony “Doc” Ameen joins me today to chat about life and the challenges of fighting an invisible enemy. How to remain positive through challenging times.

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In this episode:

A very engaging conversation with my good friend Anthony “Doc” Ameen.  He’s back on the pod to chat about life, work, and how 2020 has thrown a curved ball on everyone’s plans.

COVID-19 came out of nowhere and we all continue to learn and adapt to this newly imposed lifestyle as best as we can.

Why we can’t trust the media and especially social media when it comes to providing unbiased information.  The constant negativity of the headlines causes more stress and instigates more disruption than the virus itself.

Then Anthony turns back to Manuel and becomes the interviewer as he’s curious about Manuel’s auto racing background and his passion for exotic cars and racing.

All in all, a great conversation that covered a variety of topics and will be followed up by a “Part 2” at some point after the US Elections.

Finally, if you missed the first interview with Doc, please head back to Episode 6.  You will be transported to the riveting and intense description of his journey from Battlefield Tragedy to Founding Wings for Warriors.

You can learn more and follow Doc’s work at:

Wings for Warriors – the charity organization that he founded to help veterans
Anthony “Doc” Ameen – Personal Website
Taylor & Lawrence – His consulting firm
Twitter: @AnthonyDocAmeen
Facebook: AnthonyDocAmeen

All that and more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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