If you’re an NBA fun, take a listen as we cover the good and the bad of the 2020 NBA draft, trade rumors and our predictions for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

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In this episode:

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the daily grind and chat about things we like that are not necessarily related to work. In today’s episode, David takes the lead and goes over the 2020 NBA Draft, who got it right and who got it wrong, players to watch and other surprises.

Then we go over some of the economics and politics of the NBA. All trade rumors and already confirmed trades. Why some players can call the shots while others are simply traded from team to team without much say. The salary cap that is not really a cap allowing the wealthy teams to pay their way to the top.

Our predictions for the upcoming 2020 season that is set to start on December 22. How many fans will be able to attend the arenas and when? Will it be a smooth season or will it be interrupted by COVID again?

Finally, David talks about his beloved Phoenix Suns. He even thinks that this season, they will make it to the second round of the playoffs! And no, he wasn’t having a day dream! He really believes the Chris Paul trade will make a huge difference.

All that and much more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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