Join Manuel and David as they dissect the latest events in our new economy. Who’s doing it right and who’s failing miserably to adjust to the new Coronavirus social distancing and contactless lifestyle.

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  • How things are progressing as more states and countries around the world start to loosen lock-downs and deconfinement plans are implemented.
  • In the US: New unemployment numbers: 3 million filed this week for a total of 33 million since the crisis started
  • Yet, the stock market shows some disconnect?  NASDAQ is positive for the year…
  • Suddenly, questions about how UBI will be funded have been answered by the Fed and the government just adding trillions in stimulus packages.
  • The government can only print so much money for so long before you realize that the economy needs to be restarted naturally.  Inflation or deflation?  We’lll see both this time.
  • Reopening of retailers and service businesses.  It’s not just “open and they’ll come.”
  • Trouble for retailers.  Neiman Marcus just filed for Bankruptcy protection. It won’t be the last one either.
  • Now there are two pandemics.  The Coronavirus pandemic and the Fear pandemic. People are people afraid to resume their lives the way they used to be and go back to work.
  • There’s a lot of misinformation out there, from government leaders and from the media that seems to only be focused on click bait headlines.  Is there a trusted media source out there?
  • Companies thriving in this crisis. Tech (Zoom, MSFT, FB, AMZN, Twilio) Fitness (Peloton, others).  Others, Pharma sector, Tesla, Beyond Meat.
  • What if hotels offered all the perks from the companies that consumers are already liking like all of the above?
  • Which world government has acted best in the face of Coronavirus?  Is it just totalitarian governments that are better suited for these types of crisis?
  • Only the more creative companies will survive:  Adapting and agility to pivot will be key factors to succeed.  This is a great opportunity for startups, DTC and more limber company to jump ahead of their larger competitors.
  • Manuel going to Austin to race at the Circuit of Americas next week.  First travel in 3 months. Let’s see how it goes.

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