Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they cover some of the major news and eComm headlines of the past week. Including a quick Oscars wrap-up, Coronavirus conflicting reports and the latest DTC victim of its own fate.

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  • Oscars Review.  Host-Less Oscars fail to impress. The Nielsen company said Sunday night’s audience was down 20 percent from a year ago. 23.6 million viewers.  A new all time low.
  • For comparison, viewership for the Golden Globes (18.3 million) and Grammy Awards (18.7 million) were also off from 2019, but the drop was not as steep.
  • $2.6 Million-plus: This is the price tag for a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast (54% less than a Super Bowl ad)… while also a quarter of the audience.  Money well spent?
  • Disneyland Ticket Price Increase.  $207 (Over the $200 barrier) for the Park Hover Tickets.  Disneyland + Adventure Park.  Is Disney going too far with their price increase this time around?
  • Coronavirus Updates, Not just affecting China, but a host of events in other countries requiring traveling to or from Asian countries.
  • Mobile World Conference Cancellation after most major attendees cancelled.  Other sporting events also affected. F1 Race, FE Race, Tennis tournaments, Golf tournaments, Soccer games, Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifying events and even the Olympics are in question now despite Japan’s $10B effort to provide a safe environment for all.
  • Can we trust China’s reporting numbers?  They seem to be all over the place with several inconsistencies in the way “cases” and “deaths” are being reported.
  • Growth at All Costs Updates.  Another company bites the dust.  This time, is “Brandless” which appears to have been also clueless from day 1.
  • The MAGA trillion dollar companies.  Microsoft, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Amazon
  • YouTube Revenues reported for the first time. YouTube had $15.15 billion in ad revenue for 2019, up 36% from $11.16 billion the year prior, according to Alphabet.  Netflix: $20.16B and Amazon $233B, Apple: $260B.  Disney: $69.57B
  • NBA All Star Weekend

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