After mocking Joe Biden about his large masks, President Trump tests positive for COVID-19. Life goes on and so does Amazon Prime Day. Netflix will raise subscription rates soon and nobody cares.

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First Presidential Debate. Neither candidate acting very “presidential.” Yet, as anticipated, 73 million people tuned in to watch it according to Nielsen’s numbers. For perspective, this is the highest single program viewership since this year’s Super Bowl.

Do you think campaign ads work? Or do they cause more ad fatigue to an already exasperated audience?

Amazon Prime Day: October 13-14. This is just five weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Will shoppers skip it and focus on the traditional holiday shopping season or will they try to scoop up some bargains ahead of time? and what will other major retailers will do to match.

DTC Update: Is Shopify the preferred platform for Digital Native DTC Brands?

Netflix Price Increase; An increase of $1 to $2 a month in North America or Europe could generate $500 million to $1 billion in fiscal 2021 revenue. Why we think the price increase won’t impact its subscriber count. The company has thrived during COVID-19, adding about 26 million global subscribers in the first half of the year to reach a total of 193 million. The streaming giant has fended off competition from a handful of multi-billion-dollar services coming to market over the past year, including Disney+, Apple TV+ and HBO Max.

Facebook advertising changes, Doing away with the 20% Text Rule for ads. It was never properly implemented anyway. We cover the increasing overall costs of advertising on their platform.

NBA Finals. Based on what we saw on game one and confirmed Miami injuries, it doesn’t seem like the Lakers will have much opposition this year. Good for LeBron. Bad for TV ratings.

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