“What are you doing for the holidays?” It’s what you hear around the office. It’s what you get around to asking yourself when you get closer to the yuletide celebration. And then you’re stumped.

You’re stumped because you want to do something different this year. But you don’t want it to be too different that you lose the festivity and joy of the season. What you need is something that takes a unique approach to the holidays, something that may also present a travel opportunity — like the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair 2015.

Here are seven irresistible reasons to experience this annual fair this year.

  1. It is six days of bargain shopping.

If you intend to save a few dollars on the gifts you’re giving away this year, then the Telegraph Avenue Fair is the ideal holiday destination. Forget the crowded malls. Head to this annual fair in Berkeley and you will have more than enough choices: from 200 vendors.

  1. The items are unique and handcrafted.

The gifts you buy will not only be matched to your taste, budget and requirements. They will also be one-of-a-kind pieces that are handcrafted by Northern California’s amazing artists.

  1. There is a wide array of items to find.

Unique, handcrafted and diverse. At the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, you will discover pottery, paintings, photography, jewelry, wirework, beadwork, henna art, silk-screened and tie-dye shirts, candles, hats, and everything you’ll want to take home.

  1. You’ll be treated to live music.

What’s a California fair without some fantastic Berkeley entertainment? You’ll enjoy a lively atmosphere at the annual fair, instead of listening to piped-in Christmas carols at the mall.

  1. You’ll love the food.

Want to try out healthy and sumptuous Californian fare? Now’s your chance to do it at the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair. You’re bound to discover some bold mixture of regional cuisine with bits of international flavors.

  1. It’s a great way to introduce the kids to art and a multicultural setting.

From the wearable art to a diverse group of artists, the Telegraph Avenue fair is perfect for introducing your kid to art and multicultural shopping. They might even run into Santa who’s doing research for the gifts he’s giving this year!

  1. The annual fair could relieve holiday anxieties.

The holidays can bring on more stress than usual. From relatives coming to visit to deadlines at work, you may feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re staying for the week or driving down for the weekend, holidays in Berkeley will be easier with a trip to the annual fair.

Marvel at the festive lights. Meet friendly locals. Walk with ease through the Telegraph Avenue. Buy one-of-a-kind gifts. Savor the food. And experience a holiday like you’ve never had before: with less stress. Learn more at http://www.telegraphfair.com/

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*Photo Courtesy of www.TelegraphFair.com