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Today’s business owners have several tools that they can utilize in order to learn more about their customers and their unique needs.

In online advertising, one key tool that practically all businesses should consider using is remarketing. Remarketing is an online advertising strategy that will allow your business to remain within the radars of your intended audience.

One important asset that you can use for remarketing is the Google Display Network or GDN. This vital tool can help you zero in on a particular market segment that you wish to target for a remarketing campaign. For example, you can choose categories like gender, age group, language spoken, location, device used and time spent browsing your website.

If these sound confusing, here are 3 tips to boost your remarketing campaign results that you should consider following.

Set a goal

Just like with your other marketing strategies, you need to establish a clear goal first. In remarketing, this will help eliminate the guesswork involved. The goal you set will also help you know which tools to utilize and which people to target.

Make your effort count

There is no use targeting consumers who are not really interested in your products or services. In order to avoid wasting precious resources for your remarketing campaign, make sure that you carefully observe the behavior of your website visitors as well as your website’s bounce rate.

Instead of simply targeting every person that has visited your website, you should add more layers or filters. These may include the number of pages visited in a session or time spent during a session. Using Google Analytics, you can zero in on audiences that will allow you to reap better results.

Nurture the right audience

One of the best segments of consumers to target are those who have visited your website, and taken a few specific actions but have not fully converted. These consumers include those who have watched your videos, downloaded your whitepapers, and even people who placed items on the shopping cart only to abandon it later on. Compared to other visitors that bounced off from your site, this segment offers you a higher margin of success if you nurture them based on their interests.

Other helpful tips

Instead of using only Google AdWords, make sure you also use Google Analytics. This will give you more options for your campaign. Using the pre-defined audiences feature offered by GA can be helpful, especially if you are just starting out in remarketing. However, you can get better results by tailoring your campaign.

Before starting a remarketing campaign, you should have at least 100 people that you can target. This will ensure that you are getting your time and money’s worth for your campaign.

Do you feel like a Remarketing Campaign will work for you? If you’re not sure, feel free to contact our SEO Team at MGR and they will let you know what is best for your particular situation.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR).