MGR-Business-NetworkingRunning a business from home is said to be one of the most practical and convenient benefits that online business tools have offered today’s generation of entrepreneurs. You can build a company, manage a team, and strengthen your brand armed with just a high-speed Internet connection and your computer right in your home office, from a café, or right inside your bedroom.

But as an owner of one or more businesses, you will find that as your business starts to grow bigger, so will your need for physical space expand. You may be regularly meeting clients and prospects face-to-face, and your home living room just won’t cut it as a meeting place. You may want to present your pitches in a nice office with business amenities. You may see the need for regular, on-site mini-conferences and trainings with the team. These, along with other situations, may show you how you might still need to set up an official business center for your company.

You don’t have to abandon your fully operating in-home office hub and start shelling out the money for setting up an office through a long-term lease or a monthly rental.  Doing so can pose a huge financial burden for small businesses that are already up and running virtually, and studies have shown that the costs of maintaining an office often takes up more than half of the company’s income. A practical option is to simply opt for executive office rental. Most major cities have businesses that specialize in this type of service and provide the office space –short term or long term- when you need it, with the features and amenities you require for each event.

An executive space rental can help businesses save time and money. Setting up an office can be time-consuming. Before you could move in, you need to arrange for all the equipment and supplies that you need, such as furniture, computers, telephones, Internet, utility subscriptions and more. Once everything has been set up, you need more resources to take care of its upkeep and maintenance. All these not only require your time, but a significant amount of capital outlay as well.

On the other hand, getting an executive suite only when you need it provides you all the amenities you need in an instant – stylish furniture, high-speed Internet, teleconferencing equipment, presentation screens and even free-flowing coffee and other supplies you may require.

For entrepreneurs with a busy travel schedule, the use of executive suites rental is a no brainer.  You can contract the services of a company in your city of residence to obtain a prestigious address, mailing service, phone answering service, virtual assistant and other typical business operating services, while you can also use a network of office space providers around the country or internationally for your out of town needs.   You can always find a place for meeting VIP clients and associates at a fraction of the cost of monthly office rentals in prime business districts.  Locally, I use MBO Executive Suites for most of MGR’s business needs.  When I travel internationally, my Regus membership takes care of my office space overseas.

Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)