There are a large number of marketing tools available today. The selection below is just a sampling of the services that I use most frequently for myself and our MGR clients. I have plenty of experience using each of them and I fully recommend them to anyone who is looking for a similar solution. I will periodically add new tools and links as I come across them. And as always, please share with me any other apps or services that you use that would benefit all of us.


Virtual Assistant

Virtual Staff Finder: If you’re ready to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) this is one of the most reputable sources that I know. They pre-qualify the VA’s based on your preferences, so that you can select the best candidate that will work directly for you in the future.


Website-Blog Setup & Tools

WordPress: The blogging platform that I use and the #1 blogging platform in the world. Free, easy to customize and lots of support.

MyThemeShop: Great WordPress Themes very reasonably priced.

OptimizePress-WordPress Landing Pages: This is one of the most effective tools to create appealing and very effecting landing pages on WordPress. Highly recommended to improve your conversions.

Video Player: Video Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Did you know that there’s a way to include an opt-in field at the end of your video? Lead Player will do that and more for you! Check out our own MGR videos on this Blog and you’ll see how it works.

CrushPath: I have NOT used this service yet, but I know people who have and rave about it. Of course, you can create your own landing page without using this service, but the idea is cool. Crushpath Pitch Sites give people a way to create and deliver a visual elevator pitch. They’re simple one page websites that grab attention and capture responses in a way that email or cold calling can’t.


Copy Writing Services

iWriter: Copy Writing Services: Great experience, different skill levels and reasonably priced.  I find myself using this service more than TextBroker.

TextBroker: Copy Writing Services. Similar to the above. Reliable delivery and quality.


Stock Photos

iStockPhoto: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage. My preferred source for stock images.



X-Cart: Shopping Cart Software & eCommerce Solutions. I use this cart for all of our clients. If simply need a payment getaway to sell your own products, PayPal is as simple as it gets. You can also use PayPal to process your payments with X-Cart above.


Hosting Companies

Blue Host: One of the two hosting companies that I recommend for any website and especially for WordPress users. One-click installation of WordPress makes it a breeze. Everyone knows Like Blue Host, their hosting platforms and the one-click WordPress installation make it a winner for me. I use as my Registrar and also as a hosting provider for some of our websites and blogs.


Email Marketing

Constant Contact: the most commonly use Email Service Provider and the one that I use for our parent website ad all of our clients.


Video – Audio Production

Auphonic: Fantastic and FREE service to fix any audio problems with your videos or audio podcasts. Simply upload your file, click on a couple of settings to clean up your audio and equalize your levels, and you’re done! A standard procedure for all of my audiovisual content.


Traffic Reporting and Advertising

Google Analytics: a must for any website. Free tracking tool from the number one search engine. Easy to set up, but if you need help, contact me.

Google AdSense: if you want to monetize your blogs, your websites or any other online platform, simply sign up for a Google AdSense account and select which ads you want to appear on each website. The service is free.

Google AdWords: For any online advertising campaigns, you create your account, select the keywords and target markets and your Pay-Per-Click ads will appear on the appropriate Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)