Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is Increasing the Cost to Run Prime Day Deals This Year

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest opportunities of the year for Amazon sellers, but Amazon is increasing the price to entry. To run what are called “Lightning Deals” on Prime Day it will cost sellers $750 per product, up from $500 last year. For many sellers this is still well worth the cost, which is why Amazon is leveraging the power of their platform to charge even more.

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There’s a New Brand Analytics Dashboard That Allows Brands Get a Ton of Information on Their Customers

Sellers enrolled in Brand Registry now have access to insights on popular search terms, comparable products, and customer demographics information in Brand Analytics for no additional charge. Amazon is also rolling out new metrics for Sponsored Brand ads called “New to Brand.” This allows sellers to compare sales from new customers and returning ones, making it easier to adjust advertising strategies.

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From MGR: How to Boost Your Product Sales Through Amazon Live

Amazon quietly launched this new service in February of this year, and so far it’s been a great tool for sellers who have added it to their marketing arsenal. It allows sellers to use their phones to create live demonstrations of their products and have them featured on the Amazon Live page for customers to see. In this article we explain how you can use this to get thousands of new eyeballs on your products.

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Amazon is Building Special Warehouses for Hazardous Items

This is a big deal for many Amazon sellers who have rightly or wrongly had their items labeled as “hazardous/dangerous.” Getting your item labeled as such means that you are not eligible for FBA, which can kill a products sales and rankings if the seller can’t fulfill at “Prime” speeds themselves. The main reason Amazon is so cautious is due to the liability of having dangerous goods in their warehouses, so now they’re building entirely new ones to deal with the issue.

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Other Notable News:

1. Amazon is offering storage fee discounts of up to 75% off for sellers who can meet inventory targets – AMAZON
2. Amazon may be acquiring Sizmek, an advertising-technology company that would help Amazon better track users across the web – BLOOMBERG
3. Attention Australian sellers: New ad options like Video Ads and Display Ads have officially been rolled out to the Australian Amazon marketplace – AMAZON
4. Amazon has created a new 90-day policy for FBA reimbursement if you were charged for the incorrect weight/dimensions – AMAZON
5. In an effort of greater transparency, Amazon is now offering tours of its fulfillment centers so customers and sellers can see the behind the scenes of how things operate – AMAZON

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