MGR Amazon Weekly Update | September 30, 2019
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The Rise of Amazon B2B Offers an Additional Revenue Path for Sellers

Amazon is using its massive platform to capture B2B buyers, most of whom already use Amazon personally and are happily shifting their business purchasing towards Amazon as well.

In a recent survey 32% of business buyers said that they spend over a quarter of their budgets on Amazon, and 55% of buyers said they expect to increase their B2B spending on Amazon over the next year. This sharp rise has led to additional highly profitable revenue streams for sellers, as the order size of B2B buyers is on average significantly larger than those of the individual consumer.

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New From MGR: The Ecommerce Edge Podcast

We’ve launched a new podcast! Here’s what you can expect when you subscribe: Every week you’ll get all of the latest happenings in the ecommerce space as well as in depth insights and strategies that you can use to launch and scale your ecommerce business.

This podcast will cover a wide range of topics including growing on Amazon, dominating Facebook & Instagram ads, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, digital marketing arbitrages, and much more.

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