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Join Manuel and David in this animated discussion about how to increase our health span, longevity hacks that we can do on a daily basis and what would society be like if or when the average life span for humanity increases to 120 years.

Show Notes:

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  • Life expectancy increases around 3 months for each passing year.
  • By the end of the century, life expectancy will be around 100 years
  • Is aging a disease?  What is a definition of a disease?
  • David Sinclair: “Many of the most serious diseases today are a function of aging. Thus, identifying the molecular mechanisms and treatments of aging should be an urgent priority,” he says. “Unless we address aging at its root cause, we’re not going to continue our linear, upward progress toward longer and longer life spans.”
  • It’s not a coincidence that incidence of these chronic diseases increases sharply after the age of 50, a time when senescent cells also increase in number. If you believe, as many scientists do, that aging is a prime cause of many chronic diseases, it is essential that we understand the accumulation of senescent cells.”
  • The WHO: The International Classifications of Diseases (ICD) system is the international standard for clinical diagnosis, epidemiology and health management in developed nations, and adding a code to a disease not yet recognized by ICD effectively allows for drugs targeting that disease to be clinically evaluated and approved, and for insurance companies to provide coverage for therapies targeting that disease.
  • Longevity and increasing life span and health span.  What we know and what we can do:
    • Caloric Restriction
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Exercise
    • Drugs to supplement the decrease of human production
  •  Consequences of living longer
    • If mortality decreases and new birth rate stalls, we’ll soon become a world full of old people.
    • Retirement age.  If our health span increases, will retiring still make sense?
    • Retirement savings, Multiple Careers, Multiple life partners
    • Larger families with grand children and great grand children (4 generations alive)
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