One of the top online selling platforms in the world is Amazon. Americans, in particular, are greatly inclined to accomplish their online shopping on this site because it has everything from traditional merchandise to all sorts of digital products such as e-books, some of which they can actually download for absolutely free. Therefore, if you’re considering selling your wares online, Amazon is definitely a solid platform to consider.

Aside from its popularity and easy setup for vendors, there are many other benefits of selling your products on Amazon.

Firstly, you can expect increased sales simply from choosing this online shopping site because the majority of online shoppers head directly to Amazon to look for items they want or need; they don’t go to very specific online stores right away, unless they fail to find what they need here.

On top of that, people enjoy the quick accessibility to various prices for the same products – this means you actually have the power to make your wares more price-competitive and attractive to buyers. An Amazon executive even shared that vendors report an average of 50 percent increase in sales upon joining the site.

Enhance-Your-Browsing-ExperienceThe Fulfilled by Amazon Program seeks to eliminates any friction between your products and your customers. Using a third party store to sell your products is nothing new. In fact, a large number of online retailers have been using fulfillment companies to complete some aspects of the sales process — specifically, storage and shipping. Here are a few advantages of Fulfilled by Amazon Program or FBA.

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Secondly, you can get free marketing through Amazon because your customers get to leave their feedback, testimonials and ratings, and potential customers get to see those. The experience of others is always a strong motivating factor for people to purchase a product. In addition to that, the site has an automatic system of recommending your other products to customers based on the transactions of your loyal buyers.

Thirdly, most vendors overlook, this but Amazon actually offers sound tips for vendors to become more successful in their marketing tactics. Along with that, buyers also get advice on how to ensure a safe transaction on the site every time. These only prove Amazon’s commitment to great customer service, which works to the great advantage of vendors and customers.

Fourthly, people enjoy the marketplace experience they get at Amazon. As mentioned earlier, the range of merchandise is incredibly vast – people can get everything from homemade products, to commercial ones, to rare collectibles, to free Kindle e-books. The one-stop set-up definitely works in drawing in more customers who generally enjoy the marketplace shopping experience – again, more customers for you.

And lastly, Amazon has its own app. It’s responsive, meaning people can accomplish their shopping on their smartphones and other portable Web-connecting gadgets, and your products can be purchased much easier here, instead of in a typical online brand store.

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