MGR-search-engine-marketing-servicesHere’s a quick tip for those of you that manage Google AdWords campaigns for your clients or for your own websites.  Google’s AdWords console is an ever changing environment these days.  It seems like each week, there’s something new, re-arranged, or moved to a different section.

At least, Google has been also publishing a series of short tutorial videos explaining how to access most of their ad features. If anything, even if you already knew how to use a particular feature, the video will show you how to access it now thanks to the revised step by step screen shots.

Here’s a quick look at how easy it is to add Google’s AdWords remarketing tag (some people refer to it as “pixel”) to your site.  The purpose of adding this tag is so Google will show people who have visited your website ads for your products while they search, or visit other sites in the Google Display Network.

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