In this episode of MGR Unplugged, Manuel and David cover some of this week’s tech and eCommerce related news, and we even disagree on a few of the topics.

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Google’s new commerce plays: according to a blog post by Denise Ho, group product manager of Google Shopping. When a mobile user enters a search term like “running shoes,” Google will identify products from internet retailers and bring them together with enhanced functionality. We discuss how that may affect current eCommerce platforms?  Read More >

Nexflix Slips despite new subscribers: Netflix shares opened down 2.4%. The company reported late Tuesday earnings up 333% in the fourth quarter, better than double the number forecast by analysts. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based outfit added 8.76 million new streaming subscribers in the quarter, Wall Street was looking for 7.8 million. The streaming video wars are heating up but Netflix has a pretty good head start in the race.

Facebook’s New Look and Dark Mode:  The new Facebook resembles Twitter more than anything else. It has simple, flat colors as well as a very Twitter-like top banner and home feed — not to mention plenty of rounded corners. All in all, Facebook is now sleeker, more minimalist, and decidedly more modern.

Jeff Bezos’ phone hack in 2018 allegedly may have been led by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to blackmail Bezos into softening the Washington Post’s reporting on Saudi Arabia. It all started with a malicious WhatsApp message… Read More >

Apple’s privacy battle with the FBI Continues and the iCloud loophole is now exposed more than ever.  David and Manuel don’t fully agree on this issue.  Read More >

Book’s I’m reading now:  Bob Iger’s biography.  The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.  The title says it all. Highly Recommended.

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