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Earnings Season! David joins Manuel at MGR Unplugged to discuss 2nd Quarter earnings reports from some of our favorite companies, including Starbucks, Intel, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, and more!

    • Starbucks Earnings:  We love coffee and apparently, a lot of people love Starbucks too!
    • Snap Earnings: Finally the stock price gets back to its IPO range!
    • Intel: Good numbers, but we wonder about their future… Are they starting to fall back?
    • Google Earnings: After a disappointing first quarter, revenues are back up in the second quarter.  Ad revenues dominate.
    • Tesla Earnings: Oh boy… Tesla is down.  Production issues again.  But we’ve heard that before.
    • PayPal Earnings: Not what investors expected, but we think they will do better next quarter.
    • Facebook Earnings: The Teflon company.  No matter all the negative press, revenues keep going up and up and up again!
    • Amazon Earnings: Not bad considering their new Prime 1 Day Delivery ate part of their profit.  But who’s brave enough to bet against Amazon?
    • Antitrust Probe: Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon… will be watching very thoroughly to see what the US Dept. of Justice has to say about their Antitrust investigation.  Stay tuned…. wait! you already are, right?

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