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In a world where millions of pieces of content are churned out daily, popularity is definitely hard to achieve. However, there are brands that are able to blast through the stiff competition and rise to the top rather easily. How do they do that? Through “contagion” content creation—this means that content is created with virality in mind. It’s not enough that content is good; it’s imperative that it has the ability to stick or latch on tight to people, and that it’s placed where it can spread exponentially.

I get this question from our clients a lot of times: “How do I get my content to go viral?” The answer is not that straight forward. Viral content is often unpredictable. However, studies have shown that there are content marketing strategies that never fail to resonate well with netizens. For those who are looking to make their content viral, these strategies should be the main considerations.

The three most commonly acknowledged keys to generating viral content are listed below.

  1. Brand humanization

This particular tactic is often achieved through storytelling or sharing of experiences. People respond positively to it because marketing is carried out in a very subtle manner and is not off-putting. It establishes the wonders and relevance of the brand or product and targets the emotions of the intended audience.


A perfect example would be the Kardashians. Everything they put online goes viral right away because they share how they are able to achieve styles, their “perfect” bodies, good health, balance between work and family, and other responsibilities consistently. Even with their unique way of life, people turn to them constantly because they provide answers through their “shared” lives and meet the insatiable demand for information about particular things.

  1. Making fans part of the brand

Fans are actually more relatable than celebrities because they openly talk about truths that common folks share. Likewise, this particular strategy for content marketing works multiple ways for businesses: it’s a demonstration of appreciation for displayed loyalty; it’s a recognition of the influential power of fans over the way the brand operates; it’s a great source of marketing data so that the brand can further improve itself and fans can do their own bit in uplifting the brand.

Taco Bell’s content marketing technique, for one, never fails to generate interest; the fast food chain posts its own and fan-made sassy and witty content on Twitter that easily appeal to the sense of humor people have nowadays. The most popular tweets get retweeted by the hundred thousands everyday.

According to Jon Stefansky, CEO of Viewbix, the perception is that “…the huge brand cares about me. That’s the power of retweeting and commenting; then people become brand ambassadors.”

  1. Take everything to social media

These are platforms that are most effective for viral marketing, so you should use them to your advantage. Brands that are consistently on the top social media portals are those that connect well with their audience and develop fruitful relationships. It’s so easy to create relationships through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, et cetera.

You know how it is with epidemics? They start to spread within family members and other close relations first, then the community gets infected. Viral marketing operates this way on social media sites. This is why social media is a key component in creating viral content for marketing.

The bottom line is that viral or no viral, fresh content is one of the most relevant factors today when it comes to earning authority for your brand and for your online channels. A solid content marketing strategy should be the number one priority for all online marketing agencies and their clients.

If you need assistance with your online marketing strategies, be sure to contact our MGR Team. We have ample experience developing and creating original content for a large number of clients in a variety of industries.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)

*Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian