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Practically everybody these days is maintaining a social media account to stay updated on the lives of the people they care about, as well as organizations they support. Social media is so powerful and useful that studies reveal most folks spend as much as a total of seven hours each day checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

If you’re one of these people and posting on social networking sites (SNS) is something that you do quite often, perhaps due to the line of work that you’re in, you probably want to be better organized in posting updates and whatnot so you do not consume too much time. Likewise, you don’t want your followers to be bombarded with the same information through the different social media accounts they use to follow you — that’s not only a waste of their time, but it can get quite annoying for them as well.

To manage your social media accounts better, here are five effective Facebook and Twitter posting techniques definitely worth using.

  1. If you want the quickest way of delivering a message and you want to target all your followers in one go, use Facebook and adjust the settings to connect all your other SNS accounts to it. Facebook is the most versatile platform because it can accommodate full-length YouTube videos, Instagram pics, Vines, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  2. For quick announcements or blow-by-blow announcements to share, Twitter, as many believe, is the better platform to use. The small bites of information are delivered better on Twitter because of the limited number of characters that can be used, and they’re more suitable to SNS users who prefer their information short and sweet. According to many, this particular preference is what differentiates Facebook and Twitter fans; avid Facebook users tend to like lengthy posts that provide a lot of details, while Twitter fans prefer bursts of headlines or news.
  3. Take into account the best times to post on Facebook and Twitter as well. According to studies, for B2B marketers, weekdays are more productive and profitable. Meanwhile, B2C brands can expect a 17 percent spike in engagement if they post over the weekend.
  4. For high click-through rates, retweets should be done anytime between 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. The tool Followerwonk is great to use if you wish to learn the best time to tweet to your specific audience.
  5. When it comes to Facebook shares, posting at 1 p.m. is the most effective. Meanwhile, for more clicks, 3 p.m. is deemed the perfect time for posting. If you wish to find the optimal time to reach your target audience, you can use the Fanpage Karma

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Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR).