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Organic or natural SEO is a terminology that describes the processes of obtaining a natural placement or position on organic search engine results pages. Its techniques include the use of keywords or anchor texts, analysis of keywords, link building, back-linking, writing relevant, evergreen content to generate interest, etcetera. Basically, it’s the traditional route for online marketing, where the intention is to rise in rankings on search engines.

This approach has always been effective, but more and more people and businesses nowadays are turning to paid online advertising to generate traffic. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are commonly used to get people to click on links and buttons that will direct them to the official website. This type of online marketing works well, too, which is perhaps the reason why so many have grown to prefer this method over organic SEO and use it more consistently.

However, when it comes to actual performance and yielding true and more reliable benefits, organic SEO is a better choice. Why?

  • It remains to be more effective in delivering relevant traffic, since high quality content is the “driver.” Content that’s created to fully educate and establish the usefulness of something rarely fails in piquing interest and engaging readers.
  • Organic SEO has longevity of results as it concentrates on content creations, proper use of keywords, meta-tag enhancement, and all the good stuff.
  • Organic SEO is limitless. It’s not just confined within the walls of social media sites, which actually may pose restrictions over time that naturally will limit the reach of online marketing efforts. When the environment of these sites change, there’s a high likelihood of you paying a big advertising bill that’s rendered useless or ineffective by the implementation of changes. The traditional approach, on the other hand, is played in a much bigger field, with a landscape that also changes but is much easier to make preparations for and adjust to. Likewise, issues here are fixable, unlike in paid advertising which would have to be replaced altogether.
  • It creates long-term customers better than artificial SEO. Studies reveal that while artificial SEO can increase traffic, the bounce rate is high and the number of pages visited is usually low. As for the organic approach, great attention is directed toward matching keywords to user intent, and this creates higher visibility because you’re present in many searches. Also, this snags users that are truly interested; therefore, when they get to your site, they’re more inclined to stay and explore it further.
  • And lastly, with organic SEO, you won’t have to worry about diminished results when you pull out your money, as you would with paid advertising (particularly PPCs) because it targets users that are actually interested in what you’re offering.

Always remember that Google’s algorithm updates give more stable rankings to domains with high authority and lots of information to offer the audience.

Building authority over the internet also takes time and effort. It will be a combination of great links, great content and great on-page information. To achieve consistent rankings on search results, you need to increase your site authority by giving your visitors a great user experience, continuously building links, regularly creating unique fresh content on your site or fattening up your site with quality content, and sharing them on social networking sites for more visibility of your pages.

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Thank you for reading. Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)