What consumers want and expect from businesses gradually changes over time. Now that online technologies and devices have become widespread, the web is more integral in a person’s life. Customers want to feel connected with businesses. Today’s generations are also more ethically focused. Modern consumers have begun to care more about where a business sources their materials and how they treat their employees and customers. To survive in business today, you need to operate your business based on the three things most important to modern consumers.


Millennials and the younger generation expect the businesses they shop at to keep up with technology. An outdated website or equipment at your store doesn’t give a good impression to modern consumers. Briostack explains, “the emerging and largest purchasing group in our economy has a digital communication preference. If you want to keep these customers happy you have to incorporate software that gives them the right tools to access their account and communicate with you.” Embracing new technology targets more than the millennial generation. Pew Research has shown that even older generations have begun embracing new technologies like the smartphone. To compete in the modern world, you need to ensure your services are compatible with mobile users and modern buying practices. 

Social Good

Ethical and environmental concerns are top priorities for the modern consumer. doTERRA explains, “businesses need to care about where they source their products and be willing to give back to the communities who provide for them. A committed dedication to growth and progress for both the environment and people is key to ethical sourcing.” If your company donates to any charities or participates in those type of events, mention it on your website. Customers will see your brand in a more favorable light when they know it’s giving back. Also, go green in your business as much as possible and let customers know on your website. Use recycled materials and other materials that are environmentally friendly when you can and share the ways in which you utilize green building or giving back to the planet.

Customer Service

Good customer service is essential in the modern world. Consumers have many alternatives now and even if they don’t, you will soon have more competition. HelpScout explains, “in one survey, 92% of consumers said they would stop buying from a business if they had three or fewer bad experiences with customer service. Train your employees well, so that they will interact with customers in the correct way.” Regularly check on them to ensure they’re keeping up with delivering good customer service. You don’t want negative reviews about poor customer service because it will turn potential customers away.

As the world changes its priorities, it’s a savvy business strategy to pay attention. Your business should embrace good technological, social and customer service practices to appeal to modern consumers and maintain the loyalty of current customers.

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)