Hi, this is Manuel Gil del Real, although a lot of people simply refer to me as MGR.

Welcome to MGR’s Personal Blog!

Manuel Gil del Real - MGR

Most of you know me from business ventures through my Internet Marketing Agency, others know me from auto racing, karting, or simply just know about me for whatever reason (hope is a good one!).

This Blog is nothing formal, but rather, just a “lighter side” compilation of all the aspects of my life. You will see a variety of Marketing News and Tips, personal entrepreneurial advice, some background information about my Internet Marketing Agency, MGR Consulting Group, some racing videos and updates, cool stuff that I come across that I want to share, and finally, what I’ve called MGR Recommendations. This is just a compilation of items that I have purchased or that I use myself on a regular basis and that I would highly recommend to all of you my friends.

I hope you visit this Blog frequently but more importantly, I hope I see you in person even more frequently! No Blog substitutes that!

Manuel Gil del Real

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