MGR Consulting Group Website

MGR Consulting Group Website

The new website for MGR is now live.  We’ve been so busy working on clients’ projects that we haven’t had much time left to work on our new website.  But now it is finally live!

The new website is a more accurate representation of the types of products and services that we currently offer to our clients.  As with any other website, it will continue to be updated frequently post-launch, especially in the coming weeks. 



Some of the highlights include:
  • You can now leave me a voice mail message directly though the website, cool huh?  Just click on the button at the top right.  Go ahead!  Try it!
  • Our Web Services now include very affordable packages, including entry level  WordPress websites, Responsive designs, and of course, custom designed websites for those with a higher budget
  • Search Engine Marketing Packages are clearly defined, including a Comparison Chart with the four options side-by-side
  • Video Marketing Packages from script to screen
  • Blog Articles can be accessed now through the website, either from the Home Page or from our Social Media Page
  • Direct Links to our Social Media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel and Pinterest
  • A nice Portfolio section with some of the nicest projects that we have created.  If you don’t see yours there, it will be added soon
  • Ability to order any service or product online.  From eCommerce Tech Support, to Website Support, SEO, Website Design, you can simply go to the website and order anything you like from there.  And pay online too!
  • Become a Reseller section.  Yes, that’s right.  If you want to make money, simply become one of our resellers.  We’ll do the work, and you get paid.  Sounds too good to be true?  Check it out!

I hope everyone likes it!  But if not, your feedback is always appreciated. 

Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)