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6 Reasons to Consider Email Marketing (Again) as Your Primary Marketing Tool

Just recently, Epsilon presented its North American Email Trends and Benchmarks report for the fourth quarter of 2013.  The company saw a remarkable increase in email open rates compared to the same period in 2012. The analysis also found that a significant amount (62%) of new subscribers

How to Calculate Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Marketing managers like to joke around saying that only half of their marketing is really effective, they just never know which half…  Well, that might be true, but one figure that we can absolutely quantify is our Return On Investment or ROI for a particular marketing campaign. 

Six Internet Marketing Trends to Follow in 2014

If you ‘re following the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year, you’re probably aware of how much relevance Internet and Mobile Marketing has achieved at the show.  Mobile gadgets and gizmos are all over the place.  If you watched Marissa Mayer’s speech, (highly recommended)

Is Your Marketing Diversified? – Effective Multichannel Marketing

Anyone who has started a business knows that the key to making sales is marketing. You have to go out and find your customers, rather than just hoping they will find you. In this ever-advancing age of technology, and with today’s Internet users spending more than thirty-two

YouTube Implements New One Channel Layout

Effective June 5, 2013, YouTube (or more accurately, its parent company, Google) has fully implemented the new YouTube One Channel layout after several months of beta testing.  If you’re a frequent YouTube visitor or poster, you must have seen plenty of annoying pop ups and announcements from

MGR Reseller Program

Now you can add a new revenue stream to your existing business.  Our MGR Reseller Program is now in full effect. The program has been designed specifically to target our partners’ needs. For example, if you are a Search Engine expert or consultant and would like to also offer

The Power of Marketing Through Multiple Channels

This is an article that is long overdue but I’ve just now been able to sit down to write about it.  A few weeks ago, I posted a different article about the importance of using Video Marketing to promote your products and services.  Today I’m going to

Introducing New MGR Website Services

Do you have a story to tell or a product to sell?  Do you need help with your new website but don’t know where to start? Or are you stuck with an old website that was ‘free’ but it’s actually costing you money and customers every day?

MGR Consulting Group Launches New Website

The new website for MGR is now live.  We’ve been so busy working on clients’ projects that we haven’t had much time left to work on our new website.  But now it is finally live! The new website is a more accurate representation of the types of products and

Understanding YouTube Analytics

In a previous article, I’ve already established the importance of including VideoMarketing and YouTube as part of your Social Media Marketing and Search EngineOptimization efforts.  Today, I will briefly review how you can track your Video Marketing results through YouTube’s Analytics Reports. Once you have your YouTube