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Most beer lovers from across the globe consider Germany as their mecca, but Berkeley locals couldn’t care less—when it comes to brew masters and pubs, they definitely have some of the best. Why bother with an overseas trip to Germany when they have a vast selection of beers that are quite accessible right where they are?

If you’re from out of town, though, and you’re visiting Berkeley with some of your best mates, the city’s got your nighttime itinerary covered. Just check out the Berkeley Brew Trail Guide to have a taste of some of the most delicious and unique beers you’ll ever have in your lifetime. You can bet that every establishment in the trail has something different to offer to completely satisfy your love for the drink.

Beer-brewing is a passion in Berkeley and it’s very much a part of its history. So when you hit the town to drink some and you demonstrate curiosity about beer, for sure, bartenders, pub owners and new acquaintances will be able to educate you. In your short visit to the city with your mates, you all may just return to your place of origin as beer connoisseurs!

It’s worth adding that all the stops in the Berkeley Brew Trail Guide also double as gastronomic hotspots of the city. With beer as the perfect beverage (other types of liquors are also available such as whiskey, sake, wine, et cetera), it’s important for owners of taprooms, bars, beer gardens and small pubs to offer both local and international flavors that complement beer (and that beer complements). Nothing draws in business like perfect food and beverage combos, after all.

And to make the whole experience even more enjoyable for everybody, all the establishments provide some form of recreation and entertainment. Some have game nights, live music shows, quizzes, karaoke (or open mic nights), and even art exhibits to support local artists. There’s an activity for people of all walks of life to enjoy when they tour the Berkeley Brew Trail.

Lastly, if you’re into collecting souvenirs from your trips, most of these places have something quirky for you to bring home and remind you of the fun you had in NorCal. These souvenirs will not only remind you of your adventure, but they’ll also likely draw you back to Berkeley for another round. There may be a new inclusion to the trail, and you and your buddies surely can’t claim to have conquered the trail if you missed one.

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